Piyalechi is he who beholds the holy grail; the light of truth.

I hope to be remembered as a well-meaning citizen-journalist. One who sought the truth. One who cared… One who always wanted and tried to be good and do good.

As a real person behind the Avatar,

Piyalechi pledges allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Piyalechi.com’s owner is a man who is proud and grateful to be an American citizen. He immensely enjoys and appreciates the fact that he has the right to exercise his freedom of expression through this medium and any other, it being guaranteed and protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the great and blessed United States of America.

He intends to take his freedom of expression to maximum benefit and personal pleasure, albeit within the limits defined by his knowledge of relevant laws and ordinances applicable to him per his geographical location in the U.S., and certainly within the boundaries a reasonable person would appreciate and thus respect and as such characterize in common human decency and accepted norms of a civilized person’s benevolent behavior.

His expressions will consist of sharing his thoughts and intellectual reflections on various subjects and matters of his interest at any given time, in this legally acquired and utilized media venue named “Piyalechi.com”.

Moreover, Piyalechi hereby emphatically states his commitment in his craft to abiding by what reasonable persons would define as reason, kindness, compassion, and all that’s conducive to a positive and harmonious existence and playing in a level field in human terms, in our planet.

Please use my email below to communicate any rant or rave, concern, problem, or suggestion you may have associated with this site and/or its content. You can also use it to offer me a nice paying  job!

In regards to copy rights issues, if there should ever be any:

Keeping in mind that this site is evidently not a for profit venue, I, totally aim to keep my Karma clear of copy rights of others by adherence to  «fair use

If you think that your right to your intellectual property is being infringed upon in any way in piyalechi.com, please inform me via the email address below, and I will take immediate action to mitigate the issue and keep my Karma straight with you.

I, who write as the «Piyalechi» for this site, would be most honored to consider any request for help or cooperation.

I am a veteran of not just language translation, interpretation, editing, and content production.

Piyalechi is available for consultation, by appointment.

For support, please contact:


Thank you.

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