Prince Reza Pahlavi: Iran will never become Syria


With Iran’s much celebrated Persian Nowruz nearing the 13th day of its ritual of welcoming the new year and nature’s rebirth, and in this 40th spring since the Crown was last at the Throne in his birthplace, His Royal Majesty Prince Reza Pahlavi has a reassuring message for his compatriots and the world.

He affirms: “Iran will never become Syria.”

Rejecting that fearful notion as a psychological propaganda meant to serve for the longevity of the current ruling regime and devised by those who seek and depend on the continuation of its survival, the Crown Prince referred to observable facts on the ground, both in Syria and Iran, to emphasize that Iran isn’t Syria, and it will never become like it.

He reminded of the fact that the Islamic Republic is using the human tragedy in Syria to instill fear and doubt in the nation that has risen and is demanding its ouster. But, it is in fact the main culprit behind it. So that Bashar Assad would stay in power, the Islamic Republic spared no effort and resource to help him destroy his country by bombing it to oblivion and commit large scale genocide and spill the blood of his own people. In that regard, he drew the analogy of a wicked fire-starter who is pretending to be a benevolent fireman!

And about Iran, he highlighted the fact that, no matter where in that vast, multi-ethnic country it has been that the anti-regime demonstrations have taken place, regardless of the local culture and language, the common recurring theme has been emphatically nationalist. People have glorified the homeland in most endearing terms, while rejecting the disastrous regime in Tehran as the enemy itself.

Long live His Majesty.


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