The Two-Term Trump

Total Vindication of President Trump Means Re-Election Assurance.

The news about the FBI agent Strzok texting ‹we’ll stop› Trump from becoming president is by far one of the best links you have shared with us so far, Rosy! Thank you and ‌نوشانوش…

I, and millions of other Americans, I’m sure, had no idea about even the existence of this FBI agent, let alone all these incredibly damaging information about him and the conduct of FBI then, which is surfacing right now…

Now, for me the average citizen that forms a base that is much larger than the one who voted for President Trump, the FBI is in a bad shape with this revealing development and some people can even more convincingly argue that it has been that way, or even worse, for a long time.

The idea is now incepted and voices will gather strength in calling for total revamping of that agency, or even its dissolution and merging with another. I anticipate, now, reading the news of such consideration and debate by our law makers.

Now, the ex-Director Comey couldn’t be looking worse in the American public opinion, while at the same time, people are going to hear in their consciences’ ear the echo of everything that President Trump said and has been saying about the crookery of the Democrats and the FBI in their help…

I firmly believe now that the President Trump is totally exonerated in the courts of the public opinion in regards to any wrong doing related to Russia or his successful election campaign.
His consistent call to stop what he has termed as the “witch-hunt” is now validated by millions more American minds.

Moreover, with his Korea initiative, and now this exonerating developments, all appearing with the background of employment and economic boom that is attributed to his trade and fiscal policies, President Trump is definitely looking like a two term President.

Piyalechi – 06162018


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