Top IRGC Commander: We Killed the Saudi and Israeli Reps. in Iraq


In his speech on Monday, November the 12th, at a state organized gathering named «Convention for 3000 Martyrs» in the city of Qazvin, the IRGC Aerospace Commander, BG Amir Ali Hajizadeh, reported the deaths of an Israeli and a Saudi representative in Iraq, which resulted from a missile strike that the IRGC conducted on Iraqi targets with missiles launched from Iran.

He said in order to exact a punishing revenge on the «terrorists» after the recent shooting attack on an IRGC parade in the city of Ahvaz, they went hard to work and after gathering the needed intelligence, two targets were selected and struck.

Hajizadeh then divulged that they were aware of the Saudi Arabian representative’s presence at the target when it was hit, but later on they realized that an Israeli representative was also with him, and therefore «they were both sent to hell,» he added.

Comment: His statements, which would most certainly be regarded as official, have serious legal ramifications and consequences for the Islamic Republic of Iran. They can potentially be used to make a case that can eventually justify military action against the Iranian regime by Israel, Saudi Arabia, and their allies, with or without the UN Security Council’s approval. Some observers have regarded Hajizadeh’s admittance to the aforementioned killings as Islamic Republic’s attempt to commit suicide in the face of the current increasing financial and political suffocation that is gradually bringing it down.


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