The Divine Particle, The Divine Soul


This is about your soul and related to God. So, pay attention!

Noosh (a.k.a. «Cheers!»)…

Existence is a field or space born of God’s illumination, like an illumined space that will be born of a burning candle in the darkness.

In that field exists, therefor, the possibility of observation.

In that observation, hence, the divine shall consume the experience of existence…

Just like the Higgs boson particle, that based on my understanding of the «scientific» explanations given for its existence, when such was confirmed as by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments, wills itself to appear into existence and becomes the most primary particle of elemental matter, a thing born of «nothing,» for which characteristic some have referred to it as the «God Particle,»

In the containment of the blood in our earthly vessel, it is that our soul, «The God Chunk,» wills itself into apparent existence, and riding on its own unique vehicle of mind and conscience, starts its fantastic albeit temporary journey upon the beautiful face of the mother Earth…

Recognize that it is so!

For if you do, then your Godly identity is established for you, and you will have a platform there by and for to stand on, so you can hopefully draw on the trestle board of your mind, the beginning of the path that you must take to reach liberation.

Only you will, consciously, by and through your deeds, determine how long that journey will take until you are liberated into the God light, for you are the God of your universe.

The journey promises to be long and painful and you may never get to the destination in this, plus more lifetimes, if you don’t recognize what you are and where you are,

Or, it can take shorter than a blink of an eye, if you do recognize…

And of course, surrender and submission to the truth of your existence will follow, when the recognition occurs…



۱ پاسخ

  1. خیلی حیفه که آدم یقین داشته باشه همه چی عالیه ولی نتونه اونطوری که باید لب کلامو بگیره و
    بیشترو بهتر درک کنه ……. شاید اگه می فهمید بیشتر قدر می دونست ……

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