About Secret of Success


Dear Dr. Taheri,

I love you, for I have greatly enjoyed, throughout the decades, your writings; products of your soul, mind, and energy.

I enjoyed the truth therein, as I absorbed the providence in literature, which you masterfully crafted in English.

I read your piece on the late Amoo Manook, noticing also, the misspellings that no doubt were due to high emotive currents and forces within your heart, as you wrote them.

Very well said, my good Doctor, Noush…

While I agree with your assessment of the main secret of his success being his profound love of Iran being the theme provider for his media activities, I’d like to add that there was another factor that played a role, just as important, which was his commitment to preserve and guard the truth…

He was a writer, first- a «Qalam.»

He wrote, first, on pieces of paper and in the notebook of his mind, and then read off of his own script.

A lot of great communicators do as such, I’d like to believe…

And I always ask, and in fact it is inscribed on the banner of ‹Piyalechi›: «What is the worthiest and most becoming occupation for the old pen, but the guardianship of the truth?»

شایان قلم چیست، جز پاس حقیقت؟

Therefore, I humbly and respectfully request from your eminence the permission to add to your truth about Mr. Khodabakhshian, that together with his profound love of Iran, it was nevertheless Amoo Manook’s unwavering commitment to his truth that resonated with that of many, and won their love thereby…



نظر شما در مورد این نوشته چیست؟

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