?What is Amanpour Reporting


Today, @camanpour has reported that the Iranian FM @JZarif has told her that President Rouhani is willing to meet with President Trump in New York this week “provided that President Trump is ready to do what’s necessary,” exchanging sanctions relief for “permanent monitoring of Iranian nuclear facilities.”

While “permanent monitoring of Iranian nuclear facilities” may be a marvelously stupendous idea, the following must absolutely be observed, if one is not desirous of falling victim to naïveté:

1- Javad Zarif has established himself to be a liar,

2- There is no way IRGC would acquiesce to giving access to its secret and classified facilities, the issue which was the main deal-breaker in Obama’s JCPOA for President Trump, meaning whoever wants to permanently monitor wherever, it’s fine with IRGC, but not theirs!

3- The Supreme Leader has repeatedly and emphatically stated his bitter opposition to any talk with the Americans that he calls “the enemy,” especially that which may happen between Rouhani and the American President. Mind you, by the power invested in him by the IR’s constitution, he is the supreme leader and must be obeyed!

4- Keep in mind that Taqiyya, or Kitman, is a legitimate practice in furtherance of a sacred cause in Shiite Islam.

Considering all the above, therefor, @piyalechi is concerned and would be sad to think that @camanpour, a seasoned veteran and an icon of modern journalism, may be letting herself become a victim of fake news! Let’s hope not…



۱ پاسخ

    • رهگذر جان، نوش و مرسی…

      اینو دیده بودم و همون پاراگراف اول تمامی داستانشو گفت و وقت برای بقیه اش تلف نکردم چون خداوکیلی جمعا وقت زیاد روی تریتای پارسی، تنها زرتشتی چندش آوری که میشناسم بر خلاف بقیه که ماهند، تلف کرده ام در گذشته…
      گودوخ خان همان اول کار میاد به مخاطب دو چیز را به عنوان یقین تلقین کنه بعد بقیه اش رو بره روش ببافه:
      ۱- سیاست تحریم های ترامپ «شکست » خورده!
      ۲- ترامپ از ج.اس. به گونه ای و مقداری معتنابه ترسیده و دارد میترسد!!

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