An Open Letter from Piyalechi to Ostaad Amir Taheri



An Open Letter from Piyalechi to Ostaad Amir Taheri

25 July 2021

My dear Ostaad, may God bless you and I hope that you are at your best physical health and with joy.

I just read and enjoyed your excellent article that was published 5 years ago in the NY Post, echoing «A Cry from France.»

Having brought it up with you and not yet received a feedback on the topic of ‘true Islam and Muslims’ in a recent dialogue, I saw to my delight that you made a reference to the “Real Islam” in that eloquently versed composition.

I wish very much that you had gone deeper into the matter, for it will make a difference, especially when there seems to be no end to real Muslims’ motivation for mayhem and Jihadist carnage; something we all fear will become apocalyptic if they ever get to possess weapons of mass destruction.

Please, I need more of your insight to quench my thirst for enlightenment on the matter. A matter that is, in my humblest opinion, the most critically and vitally important topic of our time.

Thus, I beg you, my beloved virtual mentor, whose blessed audience and Mahzar I yearn to be fortunate enough someday to experience and enjoy, to explain for us why you thought or may still be thinking that “there is nothing more futile than the debate” over what is “true Islam.”

I, and I’m sure many likeminded, are of the lived and painfully experienced position that as proposed and presented by its “holy” book and its “messenger,” there is indeed such a thing as “True Islam,” which would therefore make its honest adherents, “True Muslims.”

Somewhere in the Quran it establishes for the reader that it is verily a manuscript that its understanding bears or suffers no ambiguity and doubt!

With the suspicious recent efforts to beatify the Nekbat through hermeneutics notwithstanding, it is difficult to rare to find a Muslim of any kind who doesn’t profess that Quran is the exact words Allah, that is the omnipotent creator of the universe, uttered through its messenger’s mouth!

And further, they believe Allah chose to say the Quran in Arabic, so that it would be the epitome in brilliant clarity and eloquence. No?

Furthermore, as we, the Islam-fearers, have witnessed and consider the true Islamic mindset to be radically lethal, and therefore we unequivocally believe the fear of true Islam and true Muslims to be reasonably and logically verified, legitimate, real, and not a “Phobia,” (as some maliciously and cruelly insist on misnaming) our position is that a jury of reasonable persons would agree that the manuscript is clear enough in its message and intent, and as such, the true adherents of it are serving to the letter, or intend to, their holy or otherwise divinely mandated duty against the “Kuffar.”

So, I implore you, my wise master, to bestow upon us the benevolence of your time and effort to consider and expound on that.

Your explanation thereof would be that very vital “blood of information,” which you often make your metaphorical reference to, when you see a need to bring your audience into a paradigm shift where they can revisit the role of a journalist versus the practical place of information in society, especially in certain times of uncertainty accentuated by the fear of peril.

Thank you, my Sir, and Noush…

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