Everything Is God

Everything Is God

«پروردگارهستی حی وحاضر در اکنون و حال هست«, a freind said.

That roughly translates to: The God almighty of the universe is alive and present in the now/present.

Another friend then asked «how?»

That inspired this:

God ‹wills› [him/her/it]self into being and existence from nothingness.

We have been actually witnessing that phenomenal process, i.e., «coming into existence from nothingness,» at the elemental level in quantum particle science experiments happen ever since, at long last, we finally got the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) running properly.

Therein we observed the behavior of the Higgs boson, also known as the «God particle.»

That was where and when Divinity and Science joined, and with that, we are left with no other recourse in our approach to reality that everything is God, as it is made out of «Godstuff»!

The will of God to be, is the all-encompassing «is-ness», which is the very consciousness/awareness that is in us all, that is shared by all existing things universally…🍷🙏🕉

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