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I had an input about Islam and this lady in this video below, and some body wanted to know who this lady was, what the context of this video was, and what was wrong with what she said… So, I had to write this:


It really doesn’t matter who she is, or what the context of this old video is. I just ran into it and saw it worth re-posting, because the truth of Islam, which I consider myself to be quite keenly familiar with, is a matter of gross ignorance among many, I believe, and I wanted to attract attentions that would give the benefit of their reflections, vocal or otherwise, thereto.

Meanwhile, Islam continues to be a serious world matter, one that has just about all the pathology of an infected, non-healing wound on the human body, I’m afraid, and it hasn’t changed in what it is and what it wants since its unfortunate inception.

Along with that, neither have the true Muslims changed- for whom the definitions of radical, extremist, or straight-up terrorist have been given.

Regardless of the video’s context, what the lady believes “allah wants” and what she says is the message and the very point of focus here.

By “true Muslims,” I mean not the big lot (Billions!) of the seasonal, and fundamentally the pick-what-you-want-from-the-command of allah-and-discard the-rest individuals who don’t understand Arabic, and who don’t follow «the word» fully (as they should by the book’s most explicit commands, which Muslims say is the direct therefore mandatory word of their one ineffable supreme god who has promised horrendous punishment in hell for eternity to those who disobey him), and thus who should better be defined as not Muslims, but, rather as confused and hopefully benign and harmless folks with whom you can work and be neighbors with, but who also happen to hold Islamic inclinations based mostly on the nostalgia of the traditions and culture they inherited from their beloved elders, passed and gone!

Go read for yourself the translations that are available for Koran, and be cognizant also that the imperative verb “قَتِّل” meaning “murder” has been sugar-glazed in the English translations to “fight!”

The true Islam, by its own «direct-from-god-to-the-mouth-of-its-messenger» words:
– commands the believer to kill the unbelievers (i.e., the Jews, Christians, and the rest who are judged not to be believers),
– instructs in no uncertain terms to dispense its brand of justice by slaughtering and dismembering,
– establishes a mandated paradigm, wherein
a) man is beheld as superior to woman in gender, identity, and rights, establishing her as a mere possession of man to do what he wants with her,
b) Muslims are the only humans that count,
c) a plethora of other unreasonable if not grossly inhumane instructions prevail.

So, now, you can guess that the ISIS, Jihadists and all of their garden variety branches and offshoots, and the Alqaida et al. to name a few, are absolutely the true Muslims who are trying to establish the true Islam they know and believe as the reality of the land. Let’s not even go in details to discuss here on how “individual,” “individuality,” and “human rights” are no more than irrelevancy to Islam and the true Muslims.

What is wrong, is what matters most and is most horrifying with what she said in the video, while enjoying the physical context of free speech that isn’t tolerated in Islam and by Islamic entities, but is protected by the U. S. constitution. What she said was about the unchanging ‘Islamic rule’ doctrine that she was promoting, retelling, and communicating with no equivocation.

No matter what day it was that she was speaking, what the event was about that she was a participant of, and what the full content of her speech was, I argue that a reasonable person, in addition to the overall message communicated in her speech, would also arrive at the conclusions that
1- she identifies herself as a true Muslim; one that hopefully has not killed any non-believer yet and therefore is in status of waiting on that one godly command for whatever reason,
2 -she seeks to advance the cardinal doctrine of ‘Islamic land’ and therefore one should expect that she would put forth all she has and can to sacrifice in in that venue to try to promote a state wherein Islam is the reality and the law of the land.

The myth of Islam being a peaceful religion, or is a religion of peace, has been unfortunately and grossly perpetuated by American leaders, but not by President Trump; God bless him for that!

I and many like minded do not desire to see the rotting from inside that happened in Europe, especially in UK, that has resulted in the rise of Eurabia , to take place, state after state, in our beloved United States of America.
Islam is a dangerous ideology, which we should be vigilantly careful about.
In simplest terms, one can rightly say that Muslims have migrated from their birthplaces, because Islam has turned their country into a shit-hole.
There should be no room for Islamization of law and land in the U.S.
For God sake, let’s keep America immune from that non-healing wound.


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