Tlaib And Omar May Not Be Jihadists, But Keep them Away From the President


Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s recent comments regarding President Trump and his re-election raised my worrying concerns and compelled me to pen the truth about her, a self professed Muslim, and her religion. So, here it is:

I don’t know how strong Rashida’s faith in what she knows as Allah of her religion of Islam is. I bet she has maintained to the accolades of her fellow Muslims that it is very strong. Really, how is a «Muslim» to say but that to herself and others?!

But, let’s consider who is not a Muslim:

I’d assert that, most definitively and certainly, a «Muslim» cannot be one who does not cuncur with, and or doesn’t obey the commandments that are spelled out in black and white by Quran/Koran, the scripture that Muslims hold most holy and take as absolute truth, and further assert that thus in the way of pleasing Allah all means, and by all I mean ALL, justify the sought end for a truly faithful Muslim.

In a Muslim’s mind, or in other words in an Islamically inspired and shaped paradigm per se, where Allah’s whims and wishes of a mortal man’s conduct are written in a manuscript that proclaims itself to be «indisputably clear in instruction,» all aims and measures that may be taken to accomplish that which is understood to be «right» by a Muslim, despite and in the face of any perceived challenge and or hardship which may lie in the path of such endeavor, is in fact the very definition of what is known to be as «Jihad.»

If a Muslim, who considers self to be a believer, is capable of accomplishing Jihad, i.e. he/she meets all the minimum necessary qualifications for it in terms of possessing the necessary knowledge and the means of accomplishing the Jihad, then he/she must take it on.

Many a times, unfortunately, the said «qualifications» will include willingness to sacrifice life for the way of Allah, who supposedly is the life giver, anyway! and, albeit, in our contemporary era, understandably and correctly, the «Jihad» and «Jihadist» terminologies have come to be synonymous to terrorism and a suicide bomber or a likewise dead-ender.

In fact, though, individuals like the infamous US Army Major Nidal Hasan, who shot unarmed fellow soldiers to death in Ft. Hood, Texas as they were preparing to deploy and separate from their beloved kin and home, do very much fit the description of a Jihadist who is a true Muslim.

Do not be mistaken! Such individuals are being one, and are acting the deeds befitting of a true Muslim, to the letter!

Know and believe that there’s no such thing as a «moderate» or «extremist» Muslim. In fact, in our planet at the present, as far as the Islamic ideology as it stands is concerned, what is referred to as the «Muslim population» consists only of a tiny minority of real, do-it-by-the-book Muslims, and a very vast multitude of confused individuals who, while do not know a lick of Arabic language to enable them read and comprehend the scripture as is, are afflicted and somehow moved by Islamic nostalgia, motives, and misperceptions.

In its utmost radical level, by the way of self-perception, or assertion and indoctrination transmitted by cultural peers and «learned authorities» who include family elders and favorite mosque Imams, or through a combination of both processes, a Muslim often arrives lately at the conclusion and conviction that physical elimination of one or a group of human beings that have become known to him/her as heathens, a.k.a. kuffar, is a right kind of Jihad that is highly favored by Allah and therefore must be undertaken in all certainty and compliance «with the will of Allah.»

At that point, if it means to the Jihadist that there’s no choice but to sacrifice own life to accomplish the Jihad, then that must be done without fear and hesitation, for Allah who gave life to begin with, is surely awaiting to reward the believing Jihadist who just got blown up, afterward!…

That is exactly the spirit of Malcom-X’s old adage that «The end justifies the means» in action, mind you!…

Now, there’s no way for me to know the depth of Rep. Tlaib’s belief and faith in Islam, and how her conviction in her religion would fare if her willingness to undertake a Jihad of hers for the will of her Allah is ever tested.

I do know, however, that as soon as she became a U.S. Congresswoman, she labeled the President of the United States a «motherfucker» that she was set to impeach.

It is also documented that she recently said she «intends to do everything possible to ensure that Trump does not win in 2020.»

So, regarding all that Tlaib can do, including sacrificing her life like a believing good Muslim for the will of her Allah, what does that «everything possible» include in meaning that we may be worried about?!…

I hope, and am confident enough to bet that Tlaib is a fake Muslim. In fact, the first clue to that is that she doesn’t care to follow Koran commandment to hijab herself as exemplified by the congresswoman Ilhan Omar, and I bet you dollars to donuts that if the possibility ever presents itself for her to off President Trump, whom she has very much established and documented her hate and contempt for, by blowing herself up and him, she’ll abandon her beloved Islam and chicken out and won’t wear the explosive suicide vest, or won’t detonate it if she wore it…

With that said, Muslims are funny and unpredictable with when and how they establish their Islamic identity and sense of their values for Islamic right and wrong, even if they are born and raised in the U.S.

Reps. Tlaib and Omar, in my humble but very concerned opinion, should never be allowed to come close enough to the president for him to be in their harm range, period.


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