Why Nikki Haley Should Be Our Next Vice President


Dear President Trump,

The demented Dems, who are suspected to have been in cahoots with the Chinese Virus› makers, and who won’t care if they destroy our great nation, if it would mean bringing you down and my beloved country’s demise, have obviously something up their sleeves, now that Bernie Sanders leaves, and Sleepy Joe Biden becomes their Pres Candidate.

Thus, for ensuring your victory in re-election, it is vitally important that you seriously consider the selection of the Hon. Madam Ambassador Nikki Haley for government service in the position of the US Vice President in your second successful term of presidency, for the following by no means exclusive reasons:

– The Dems are sure to rig Sleepy Joe Biden with Mrs. Elizabeth Warren as his VP select, so to shine the light on Rep. Warren, and away from SJB’s glaring non-existent achievements and the crappy, creepy, pile of negatives attributions…
By bringing in Madam Haley into the ticket, you will undo what Dems may plan for getting women’s vote on the count of Elizabeth Warren.

– God is my and all like minded Americans› witness that VP Mike Pence has certainly shined as our impeccable vice president, and especially by his selfless, genuine, and loyal service and his most dedicated efforts in fighting the damage and evil that has befallen the nation from the Chinese Virus. He can now carry on continuing the service of our great nation in other avenues with this commendable achievement in his resume.

– All good leaders spread the wealth. And you, Mr. President, have established yourself as an indisputably magnificent leader. It is very much called for, thus, for Madam Ambassador Haley having an opportunity now to further serve our fantastic nation under your leadership in a higher level as the most marvelous Vice President the U.S. would be lucky to have, and additionally, be by your side as your Karmic canon against the evil curse that the demented Dems have been wanting to infect the globe with…

– Madam Ambassador Haley is a beloved and shining jewel of a person to have worn the holy (albeit most heavy with responsibility) garb of a U.S. state governor, and she has been a most positively history-shaping Ambassador of our great country.
No offense to Hon. VP Mike Pence, she will definitely be an even better VP, because she can do all that he can as a statesman that he is, and also offer the tremendous treasure of foreign policy insight as a scholar, and experience and knowledge, very much because of the most awesome and impacting job that she did as our Ambassador to the United Nations. For that appointment, a nation thanks you, Sir.
She re-established the respect that had long been lost to America due to the demented Dems› and their international cohorts› programmed hollowing of America’s might and resolve.
Serving as the US Ambassador to the UN, she brought in line and schooled other nations› representatives about the solid reality of the greatness and the might of America.
God bless her for her service. She was very much missed in the congregation of the world’s representatives when she left, as she was much missed when she left her job as the governor of her beloved, beautiful state, the State of South Carolina, to serve your cabinet when you called on her.

– Those of your more eccentric but no less genuine supporters who worry and have fears of the dark forces› ill wishes for you for being the boss that America has given the right to you to be, and telling the Fed who its daddy really is and where America’s wellness and interest is.
They would be surely comforted by knowing Nikki is at your side (by the way, nee-kee means the essence of goodness in Farsi) because she is the true antidote to their venom and the divine talisman against their evil.
She is the phenomenon who is both pure American, i.e. born and and raised in U.S. land, and one who possesses the roots and the soul of the East, from whence all seek the light and enlightenment…

– Because she is such a tremendously capable, positive, and achieving member of the Republican Party, she has a solid chance of replacing you in the White House when you finish your second term, and thereby ensuring the GOP’s longevity of its control of the top office.

– Last, but not least, Madam Ambassador Haley is the very brilliant mind that has written this magnificent piece. Curricular contents in Public Administration courses that are offered in our accredited universities, will be most meritorious to feature what she wrote today. In and by itself, it ranks so high in academic achievement that it deserves a recognition by an honorary Doctoral Degree:


Thank you, Mr. President, for reading and considering this.


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