The U.S. Constitution Relative To The Vice President’s Duties on Jan. 6th

The Constitution is very clear in that the state LEGISLATURES make the rules that say how elections are run in their state; NOT the Governors, and NOT the Secretaries of State.

When you have states like Pa, Ga, and others who, before the elections, make up rules on their own and act outside of the boundaries constitutionally set by the STATE LEGISLATURES in the conduct of the elections, when those states take non-legislative action by their secretaries of states and or governors, you have states which have run UNCONSTITUTIONAL elections and who are sending forth a constitutionally unlawful set of electors to be counted by the Vice President on Jan. 6th.

The Vice President, alone, is the one in charge of counting up the votes on Jan 6th. He has, as such, unbridled power given to him by the U.S. Constitution.

It is very plausible and possible for the VP Pence to say that he will take into lawful consideration and count only the constitutionally conducted electors from the states that in fact ran constitutional elections, and not from the states who didn’t. The objectors, if any, may file their grievances with the appropriate judicial authorities.

Note: In my humble opinion, notwithstanding the ethics, morality, and the legality of their related approach recently, so long as the matter is proceeding in its own due course, it seems that the SCOTUS, very prudently and wisely, has ZERO interest in considering the any dispute related to this historic elections.

When the VP conducts and officializes his count of constitutionally legal elector votes, the results will then yield 222 Biden vote electors versus 232 for President Trump.

Thus, with neither electoral contenders possessing the needed 270 majority, the 12th Amendment will be then triggered to determine the fate of the Presidency.


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