An Apology to President Donald J. Trump

Dear President Donald J. Trump,

For a long time, I felt hurt after hearing what the Democrats supposedly «leaked» out into the media against you regarding the «pussy grabbing» during the 2016 presidential campaign.

That edited snippet of your private conversation with somebody, did have its intended effect on me as a targeted potential voter. It succeeded in making me then think of you as a sexual predator who shouldn’t be our President and indeed, I did not vote for you. I voted for Mr. Gary Johnson. It apparently also succeeded in turning then speaker of the house, Paul Ryan, who seems to be cuddling a criminal actor, Joe Biden, now, against you.

Now, I think differently, in that I think there is very important truth to be considered, and after all, what is worthy of a pen to do, but to promote and guard the truth?

Thus, the truth is that:

1) Now, I can see how a private conversation could be, and it was in fact, illegally weaponized against Donald J. Trump to destroy his Presidential chance,

2) I see how I, and I’m sure millions of American voters similarly, fell for a crooked presidential campaign PSYOP tactic. Otherwise, Trump would have won quite decisively, if not by a landslide, in 2016.

Let me explain:

It is vitally important to view the word “star,” especially, and what DJT was saying, generally, that day when he was secretly recorded, in its proper context; withstanding the fact that the true context of nobody’s conversation can ever be realized through an edited rendition of spliced sentences.

Donald J. Trump was a rich kid in New York, and certainly grew up giving all the indications that he was going to be rich himself.

As there are people who are known as «gold diggers,» a successful gold digger will make sure to get close and near to «Stars,» if she hopes to dig any «gold.» No?

That being said, every gold digger in New York who did her homework and knew him, surely had DJT in her sights, when the young Donald Trump started blipping as a new star in gold diggers› radar screens!

Indeed, being of good genes, he was also not bad looking as a young bachelor, as he was up and coming.

Now, please be honest and answer the following question to your own conscience:

Is it possible, and how frequently so, that DJT could have found himself in the company of gold diggers or just simply fans who wanted to be with him, let him know that they considered him to be a «star» or «star-like,» and communicate to him that they would be ok with him grabbing and touching any part of their anatomy, and not communicate no?… And if they ever did say no, as it is often the case in miscommunications, is it possible that DJT was a gentleman and yielded and stopped further touching and grabbing?

I am honest with myself and I will not hesitate to say, yes, very frequently. It is absolutely possible, for I don’t see how and why not!

So, there!… I understand exactly what happened now. It’s not hard for me now to imagine, that on that day and in that private locker-room conversation, DJT was communicating absolutely not an instance of his predatory perversion. He was most probably communicating facts of his knowledge and perhaps experience. Things that were edited out of the context and unfairly and unjustly weaponized and used to assassinate his character and derail his campaign.

I am now fully at ease with the thought that my President Donald J. Trump is a decent, honorable patriot who is no more a shit talker and jive shooter of a guy than myself.

I see now that in a locker-room type of a conversation, citizen Trump’s spoken words were unjustly recorded and later criminally edited and weaponized against him.

I, and millions of Americans like me, should never have acted hastily in our judgment against him based on that recording.

Thank God that he became the President and showed us all what he was made of and how fantastic of a President he became.

The weaponized recording of DJT’s locker-room conversation should never have made me think of him as a sexual predator, as it successfully did, much to my remorse now. I want to clear that Karma, desperately.

For that, I apologize to you, Mr. President DJT. You showed us all how great you are. God bless you and Godspeed. May you and your second term presidency of the U.S. prevail. We the people are behind you, rock solid.


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