Khamenei Has Lost All of His Mind


Khamenei has lost his mind completely, and has no grip left on reality, whatsoever.

Now, only God knows what will be the apocalyptic fate of the poor Iranians under his ruinous rule, though it feels like it won’t be long for it to come.

I say that he has lost his mind, because, today, in a televised message broadcast to national and surely international audience, the Supreme Religious Leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Terrorist Regime, the one who is purportedly the de-facto leader of all Muslims in the world, spoke of an ongoing conspiracy of international “enemies” and Jinns against his regime!

Khamenei elaborated that «Iran has both human enemies and Jinn enemies, and they (the human and the Jinn enemies) are collaborating by sharing intelligence!

You don’t have to believe me, please just watch the short clip for yourself below.

We thank the Fars News Agency for providing this fascinating evidence of Khamenei’s madness for the world to see.


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